DLDQ2018 trip report: I can’t believe I actually did it

TL;DR: I did every single attraction listed on the map at Disneyland in 13 hours 27 minutes.

I wrote two weeks ago about my plan to speedrun Disneyland. It ended up getting much more attention than I could have anticipated, with hundreds of retweets and an interview with USgamer. While the attention was jarring, it helped force me to actually follow through on this dumb idea. In the end, it was more successful than I could have anticipated.

I managed to finish every attraction before Fantasmic, allowing me to call time at the end of the show. My final time, 13 hours 27 minutes, is the fastest time you could get that day. (Unless you started after park opening, but I’m not convinced that’s possible.) It got a bit dicey towards the end as I jetted between different 20-minute shows, trying to get over to the Rivers of America in time. Thanks to some perfect timing at Path of the Jedi and the Enchanted Tiki Room, I wasted almost no time waiting for these attractions to cycle.

I’ll get to some takeaways at the end but first: the run! I took a selfie at every major step as a way to timestamp and most of these times are pulled from my livetweeting of the run.