DLDQ2018 trip report: I can’t believe I actually did it

TL;DR: I did every single attraction listed on the map at Disneyland in 13 hours 27 minutes. I wrote two weeks ago about my plan to speedrun Disneyland. It ended up getting much more attention than I could have anticipated, with hundreds of retweets and an interview with USgamer. While the attention was jarring, it… Continue reading DLDQ2018 trip report: I can’t believe I actually did it

featured in USgamer! plus some updates

I had the chance to talk to Caty McCarthy from USgamer earlier this week about my upcoming speedrun attempt, and she wrote a great piece about it! I was able to talk about some of my thought processes when designing this run, including a change I’m planning on making. After thinking about it, I’ve decided to… Continue reading featured in USgamer! plus some updates

other Disneyland 100% attempts (that I know of)

The blog post that introduced me to the concept of 100%ing Disneyland is “Blackout Bingo – Disneyland in One Day!”, which was written by some other Disney parks nerds. They barely manage to get to everything in one day, but there are some differences in their approach vs. mine.

the dumbest idea i’ve ever had: speedrunning disneyland

Photo of Sleeping Beauty Castle from January 3, 2018.

Last night, I was joking with my fiancée about the concept of a Disneyland 100% speedrun. Specifically, debating what constitutes 100%. We decided on everything that’s listed in the attractions and entertainment pages on disneyland.com. Turns out, that’s a lot of things. And I’m going to attempt to do all of them in one day.