featured in USgamer! plus some updates

I had the chance to talk to Caty McCarthy from USgamer earlier this week about my upcoming speedrun attempt, and she wrote a great piece about it! I was able to talk about some of my thought processes when designing this run, including a change I’m planning on making.

After thinking about it, I’ve decided to change this run to an All Map Attractions run for two big reasons: it’s easier for me to explain and easier for me to reference while I’m in the park. The only thing this changes, however, is swapping out The Dapper Dans for The Laughing Stock Co. at Golden Horseshoe. This is actually a good change for me, though, as it adds more time-dependent things to Frontierland instead of spreading them out over the park. I’ll be publishing an updated route this weekend to account for this and the misses I realized I’d made after posting my previous route. For now, I mostly just wanted to talk about the USgamer piece and the run change.

Also! I might have a second person with me on the run! You’ll hear more about that in the next few days (if it ends up happening!). I’m hoping it does because having a second person to help with food and drinks and photos will be a huge lifesaver.

That’s all for now! Have a good weekend everyone!

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