other Disneyland 100% attempts (that I know of)

The blog post that introduced me to the concept of 100%ing Disneyland is “Blackout Bingo – Disneyland in One Day!”, which was written by some other Disney parks nerds. They barely manage to get to everything in one day, but there are some differences in their approach vs. mine.

1. Map Attractions vs. Website Attractions

The only shows they do are ones with the theatre listed on the map: Fantasmic, Storytelling at Royal Theatre, and Mickey and the Magical Map. They skip The Dapper Dans and a few of the character meets that are listed on the entertainment page.

I honestly think this is smart. Skipping anything you can is going to give you a faster time and it going to make the entire process easier. I might switch to this strategy. We’ll see.

2. Disability Access Service

I can multitask. I’ve talked about this before. That’s a significant advantage for me.

3. Construction

There’s a whole lot down for refurb right now while there was nothing down on their run, so I’ll naturally have a faster time (with asterisks) because of that.

4. Mentality

They were likely not trying to do this as quickly as possible, which is smart. They were just trying to get everything in a day. Pacing yourself over a 16-hour window is necessary to finish it all.

This is the main run that I’ve seen documented. People have told me that they’ve attempted or accomplished the same thing but I don’t know of anyone else who’s documented this well. If you have any similar posts, please send them my way! I’d love to steal their strategies 🙂

By jkap

jae kaplan is a software engineer professionally and a Disney parks nerd on the side.

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